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The Ring of Atlantis is modelled on a ring uncovered in the early 20th century in an archaeological dig in Egypt. The ring is an exact copy of the reliefs on the storied Atlantis ring; found in 1922 by the archaeologist Howard Carter in the famous Valley of the Kings when he was excavating the Tomb of Tutankhamun, the ring is believed to originate from ancient Atlantis. The protective qualities of the ring are believed to stem from the harmonious relief carvings of lines, squares, pyramids and equilateral triangles – all based on esoteric knowledge. According to experts, these shapes emit waves that have a highly protective effect, neutralising forces that could interrupt the vibrations of the living environment and destroy the balance. The esoteric shape of the ring sends out unique microwaves that have a positive effect on three areas of life: protection, health and intuition.

The unique Rings of Atlantis are made from 925/000 purity silver in Zlatarna Celje; in cooperation with POZNIK TP, the rings are energy cleansed and charged with positive information. By special order, the Ring of Atlantis can also be made from 585/000 purity gold.

The rings are available in the following sizes: 50, 52, 54, 55, 57, 58, 60, 63, 66, 69, 72, 75. The width of the ring is 6 mm.

The Ring of Atlantis can help with:

  • protection from harmful radiation,
    alleviating pain,
    faster recuperation,
    alleviating injuries and organ disorders,
    opening blocked energy channels,
    improving intuition.

The effect of the ring depends on the connection between the individual fingers and organs or bodily functions:

on the thumb – a positive effect on the respiratory organs,
on the index finger – for the nervous system and vitality,
on the middle finger – for the bones,
on the ring finger – for the heart, nervous system, digestive system, intestines and sexual organs
on the little finger – for the blood circulation.

If you prefer not to wear the ring on your finger, you can keep it in your pocket or wear it on a string around your neck.

The line also includes the Atlantis cross and plate with similar energy effects. When the ring, cross and plate are worn, they are infused with your personal vibrations; for this reason, they should never be lent to, worn or even tried on by anyone other than yourself. Due to their specific properties, the items should not be modified in any way. The ring cannot be resized. Any modification of the ring, cross or plate will alter their properties and cause a loss of information. In such cases, contact POZNIK TP directly.

For more information about the Atlantis ring, cross or plate, please make an appointment to visit the POZNIK TP office, write to mop@siol.net or call +386 3 541 76 60.

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