Limited edition



Diamond white 0,008 ct - 19 x;Diamond black 0,008 ct - 1 x

Ring B&W

2.315,00 €


Diamond white 0,008 ct - 40 x; diamond black 0,008 ct - 40 x

Ring B&W

3.893,00 €


There’s black, there’s white and there’s the timeless combination of both …

The B&W set tells the story of a timeless love of style. It is perfect for strong women who make bold decisions that can change the flow of destiny and steer it in the right direction.
The set is composed of an elegant contrast of black and white diamonds in white gold, with a touch of rose gold to create the perfect whole. It can be worn either side out, with black or white diamonds exposed. Each side can only exist in combination with the other, creating a day full of wonderful possibilities …
Rich with symbolism, the contrast of black and white links the colour black with power, magic, mystery and elegance and the colour white with goodness, innocence, perfection, neutrality and lightness. The elegant, contrasting nature of these diamonds creates a timeless style …
The B&W set consists of unique pieces, available in a limited series of 99. The B&W set was designed by Désirée Kolarec and created by a team of experts at Zlatarna Celje. Each piece is one of a kind, since most of the production process is done by hand

The world-renowned Swarovski brand has honoured us by including the piece in one of the most popular guides to innovative emerging global trends in jewellery design, the Bridal Book 2015.

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