Limited edition

La Luna

La Luna

Blue sapphire 1,25 - 3,00 mm - 38 x; diamond 0,008 ct - 7 x; 0,005 ct - 21 x

Necklaces La Luna

2.018,00 €


Blue sapphire 1,25 - 3,00 mm - 115 x; diamond 0,008 ct - 14 x; 0,005 ct - 24 x

Necklaces La Luna

4.910,00 €


Blue sapphirefi 2,5 mm - 2 x;fi 2 mm - 2 x; fi 1,5 mm - 6 x; fi 1,25 mm - 8 x; diamond 0,008 ct - 2 x; 0,005 ct - 8 x

Earrings La Luna

1.080,00 €


Blue sapphire 1,25 - 3 mm - 64 x; diamond 0,008 ct - 9 x; 0,005 ct - 14 x

Ring La Luna

3.020,00 €


La Luna  

The golden crescent, from which a dark mixture of night and stars trickles out, represents the birth of the moon's first quarter, which marks the rise of the rule over the night sky. The cyclical nature of the moon phases from new moon to full moon is closely to women and their bodies, and the crescent, as a sign of fertility, to life and death. The La Luna jewellery collection calls for the awakening of the mighty and ever stronger female energy in the world.

The La Luna jewellery set is intended for daring women who often look up to the magical night sky despite being entangled in the fast flow of life and strive every day not to lose touch with the woman in them.

The set consists of a larger, lush necklace that can be worn with a star pendant on the back or in front, an ornate ring, which elegantly wraps around your finger as a crescent, star-shaped earrings with a Swedish closing mechanism and a smaller, simpler necklace. The pieces are made of the moon, glowing in yellow gold, and the black night with blue sapphires and black diamonds, in which the moon is submerged in all its splendour. The larger necklace and ring are marked with a serial number, since they are part of a limited collection consisting of only 99 pieces.

Through history the moon was depicted as a celestial body that rules the night. Its constantly changing phases and returning cycles represent the magic of the moon's character and have always stirred our imagination. With its mysterious movements the moon, as the ruler of the night, was the source of many myths and rituals around the world. The crescent symbol is one of the oldest in human history, and its graphic representation goes back to the time of the Babylonians and even further back, The moon has different meanings in many religions, from being a sign of fertility to being a symbol of divine guidance on the path of life.

Zlatarna Celje has been dictating fashion guidelines in jewellery design since 1844. The value and importance of our brand is based on top design and high quality jewellery-making masters who complement the tradition of hand-crafting with modern technology. The La Luna collection consists of unique products as part of the mentioned series of 99 pieces. It was designed by Désirée Kolarec and prepared by the collective of experts of Zlatarna Celje. Each product is a unique piece, since the major part of the processing is still carried out manually. We are proud and happy to see you wear this jewellery, which was carefully prepared for you using our years of experience.

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