Golden grams of surprise

Golden grams of suprise

Happiness is in thesmall things,in a smile and a sparkin your eye.

A Gram of Happiness 1g

75,00 €


The most precious in lifeare those moments that give beauty to our memories and meaning to our future.

Birthday Gram 1g

75,00 €


When two peoplelove each other,they don't lookat each other;they look in the same direction.(Ginger Rogers)

Wedding Gram 1g

75,00 €


The first look,the first touch,the first smile,the first step:enjoy the magic of firstswith your first.

My first gram 1g

75,00 €


The secret of lifeis not to do what you like,but to likewhat you do.(Winston Churchill)

A Gram of Success 1g

75,00 €


The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.

Gift Gram 1g

75,00 €


Faith makes us sureof what we hope forand gives us proof of what we cannot see.(The Bible)

Sacred Gram 1g

75,00 €


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